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Preventing Adhesions in Gynaecologic Surgery

On Wednesday March 11, Prof. Ellis Downes and Prof. Rudy De Wilde, will present case reports, including follow-up through second look laparoscopies, and will demonstrate the use of the SprayShield™ Adhesion Barrier. During the program, participants can send questions via e-mail, and they will be answered during the broadcast.

This program features SprayShield™ Adhesion Barrier System. It is intended for audiences outside the United States where SprayShield™ has CE Mark approval, and is indicated for patients undergoing laparotomy or laparoscopic abdominopelvic surgery as an adjunct to good surgical technique intended to reduce the incidence, severity, and extent of postsurgical adhesions.



Ellis Downes

Ellis Downes

Rudy  De Wilde

Rudy De Wilde, MD, PhD