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Weighing the Options: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

East Coast Bariatrics, located at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, is a surgical weight loss program that focuses on providing a comprehensive support system for each patient.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, watch bariatric surgeon Joel Sebastien, MD, FACS perform a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, during a live webcast moderated by Radiology Associates’ Scott Klioze, MD. Viewers are encouraged to interact with Dr. Sebastien and the panel by emailing questions they have about the procedure.  Questions will be answered during the live webcast. 

The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is a laparoscopic procedure that generates weight loss solely through gastric restriction (reduced stomach volume). In this particular procedure the stomach is restricted by stapling and dividing it vertically. About 85 percent or more of the stomach is removed. This part of the procedure is not reversible. The stomach that remains is shaped like a very slim banana and measures from two to four ounces. The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) remain intact with the idea of preserving the function of the stomach while drastically reducing the volume. Note that there is no intestinal bypass with this procedure, only stomach reduction. The lack of an intestinal bypass avoids potential long term complications such as marginal ulcers, vitamin deficiencies and intestinal obstructions. Many potential bariatric patients find this a beneficial choice for weight loss surgery.  




Joel Sebastien

Joel Sebastien, MD, FACS

Scott Klioze

Scott Klioze, MD

Interventional Radiologist

Harry Black

Harry Black, MD, FACS