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Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Total Hip Replacement Procedure

Tucson, AZ – On Tuesday, December 5, at 4:30 pm (MT), Tucson Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, will broadcast a live Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Total Hip Replacement procedure featuring the VerSys® Epoch® FullCoat Hip Prosthesis and the Trabecular Metal™ Modular Acetabular System with Longevity® Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene.

The VerSys Epoch Hip Prosthesis' distinct composite stem design has a low modulus of elasticity to address concerns about proximal bone resorption resulting from stress shielding, as well as concerns about thigh pain that can result from a bending stiffness mismatch between the prosthesis and natural bone, particularly with larger stems. It was created to offer an extensively porous-coated implant in larger stem sizes without a significant increase in stem stiffness when compared to smaller sizes or proximally coated implants.

The Trabecular Metal Modular Acetabular System incorporates the clinically successful benefits and ingrowth potential of Trabecular Metal material into a proven, modular implant design resulting in a versatile system that not only meets surgeon demands for initial and long-term stability, but also provides a wide variety of shell and liner options to address specific patient needs. Longevity Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene liners were designed to resist wear and to possess design-appropriate mechanical properties.
This Zimmer Minimally Invasive Solutions™ (MIS) 2-Incision Hip Procedure is one of the least invasive hip replacement procedures available today. This surgical approach and the innovative instrumentation allow surgeons to confidently place the same, proven hip implants as a standard surgery through two small incisions. The potential benefits for patients of Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Hip Replacement include:

  • Less tissue trauma
  • Faster and less painful rehabilitation
  • Smaller incisions and scars
  • Shorter hospital stay; 1 to 2 days, rather than 3 to 5 days for traditional surgery

  • Russell G. Cohen, MD, Director, Total Joint Replacement Services at Tucson Orthopaedic Institute in Tucson, AZ will perform the surgery. The webcast will be moderated by John A. Maltry, MD, Joint Replacement Specialist, also at the Tucson Orthopaedic Institute.

    Questions from surgeons and the general public can be sent in via email during the broadcast.

    The Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Hip Procedure was developed in collaboration with leading surgeons from around the world and is the culmination of their evolving experience. Dana Mears, M.D. of the University of Pittsburgh helped pioneer the Zimmer MIS 2-Incision Hip Procedure, launching an industry-wide drive in orthopaedics to make total joint replacement surgery less invasive, less painful and easier for patients to recover from. "From my personal experience, exceeding 1200 MIS 2-Incision Hip Procedures, this technique is suitable for most clinical situations. Improvements in the instrumentation and implants have greatly simplified the surgical technique and afforded excellent visualization of the hip. Typically, after one night in the hospital, a reasonably fit patient is discharged to home and rapidly resumes a fully, active lifestyle," said Mears. This program is part of an ongoing effort to provide convenient, innovative educational opportunities to orthopaedic surgeons worldwide and is intended to help orthopaedic surgeons enhance their skills to build confidence in providing the best orthopaedic care possible for their patients.

    If you would like more information on Zimmer MIS Hip procedures, or to see if you are a candidate, speak with your doctor or go to Find a Doctor at for one nearest in your area. You can also call a toll-free hotline at 1-866-FIND-MIS. The webcast can be viewed live on November 30th at 4:30 pm (MT) on

    This activity is sponsored by The Zimmer Institute. This activity does not offer CME credit.

    Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SWX: ZMH) is the worldwide #1 pure-play orthopaedic leader in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing reconstructive and spinal implants, trauma and related orthopaedic surgical products.



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