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Zimmer® MIS Anterior-Supine Hip Procedure featuring the bone-preserving Fitmore® Hip Stem

Zimmer  MIS Anterior-Supine Hip Procedure featuring the bone-preserving Fitmore® Hip Stem

Zimmer, a worldwide leader in joint replacement solutions, will air an ORLive webcast of a hip replacement on November 17th at 7:00pm Eastern time. The live webcast will feature the Zimmer MIS Anterior Supine hip procedure and the Fitmore Hip Stem System. The MIS Anterior Supine hip procedure is designed to improve patient outcomes by minimizing the disruption of soft-tissue through the use of specific instrumentation.  Taught through the Zimmer Institute, the surgical technique can be performed either with or without the use of specialized operating tables.  The Fitmore Hip System implants and instruments allow for a curved trajectory and insertion along the medial curve, facilitating insertion through smaller incisions.  Through this rasp-only femoral preparation and curved introduction, there is no need to open the lateral trochanter, potentially sparing the insertion point of the hip abductors.  The stem system, with a tri-taper design for stability, reconstructs each individual’s anatomy by matching stem offset with different medial curvatures.

Cass Nakasone, MD of Straub Hospital in Honolulu will perform the surgery and Steven Myers MD, FACS of Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs will moderate.  Viewers will be able to send live emails to the doctors during the procedure who will respond on air to appropriate questions.



 Cass Nakasone

Cass Nakasone, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Steven Myers

Steven Myers, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon